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Address: Gen. Luna St., cor. A. Soriano St., Intramuros Manila, Philippines


Brief History

Palacio Del Gobernador Condominium Corporation


August 30, 1976
– Developer, Lumang Bayan Realty Development Corporation completed the structure with an area of Five Thousand Eight Hundred Forty Seven Square Meters and ten Decimeters (5,847.10) more or less.
– Property now ready for turn over
– “Palacio Del Gobernador Condominium Corporation” subject to provisions of R.A. 4726 otherwise known as the “Condominium Act”
– Board was established solely for the purpose of maintenance schedule.
Registrations with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the PDGCC are as follows:
  • Articles of Incorporation September 27, 1976
  • By Laws October 4, 1976
  • Amended By-Laws May 14, 1982

November 4, 1980
Lumang Bayan Realty Development Corporation requested Register of Deeds to issue in the name of Lumang Bayan Realty Development Corporation
Nine (9) Individual Condominium Certificate of Title to cover the Nine (9) Floor (including the Basement) of the PDGCC Building.
November 12, 1980, 10:10 am
Condominium Certificates of Title issued




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Contact Info:

Tel: (02) 559-9119
Address: 655 Intramuros Manila, Philippines