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Transparency Seal

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Bureau of the Treasury
Intramuros Administration
Commission on Elections (COMELEC)
Land Bank of the Philippines Intramuros Branch
Pag-Ibig Fund
Prasidential Anti-Corruption Commission
National Tax Research Center
Municipal Fund Development Office

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House Rules





No_Alterations1.1 No additions, alterations, improvements, relocations, etc. or any work that may deface of injure the building shall be allowed without the supporting plan and approval from the Condominium Corporation. The implementation of the approved plan shall be for the account of the owner/tenant. The plan should not, when implemented, cause injury or damage to the building and shall comply with the requirements of the government laws and regulations. 

1.2 No air conditioning machine, equipment, ventilator or other equipment than the original shall be installed in any floor/office without the written approval of the Condominium Corporation to the type, location and manner of installation of such equipment/machine which approval may be granted or refused at the sole discretion of the Board of Directors upon consultation with the Lumang Bayan Realty, developer and one of the owner. 

   1.3 All radio, communication or other electrical equipment of any kind or nature to be installed or used in any floor/office shall fully comply with all rules, regulations, requirements or recommendations of the fire insurer and the public authorities having jurisdiction on the installation.


Automobiles_Parking2.1 All motorized vehicle, owners/drivers shall be registered with the Building Administrations. Heads of Offices/Bureau/Corporations representing the owners should furnish the Building Administration  of a list of all vehicles they wish to be issued a CARPASS. Only vehicles with CARPASS shall be allowed to park in the parking area and slots allotted to them. 

2.2 No vehicle of any kind is permitted to park in the front entrance driveway.

2.3 The Building Administration/Condominium Corporation is not answerable for any loss of property or damage to, on any vehicle in the parking area.



3.1 Janitorial personnel, elevator operators contracted by the owners/tenants or the Building Administration should always be in uniform displaying their names, ID’s/nameplates. Compulsory wearing of shoes should be enforced while on duty. 

3.2 Garbage disposal should be done everyday after office hours.

3.3 Left-over food or any items that will rot or become obnoxious should be securely wrapped with plastic and disposed of directly into the garbage drum located outside the building-right beside the back entrance along Arsobispo Street. These should not be disposed of inside the garbage chute. 

3.4 No lighted and combustible materials/chemicals, poisonous or pollution substance shall be thrown into the garbage chute.


Elevator4.1 No elevator car shall be loaded in excess of 2500 lbs. or seventeen persons. 

4.2 Heavy baggages, furnitures, equipments, machines, construction materials, boxes and other heavy and/or voluminous articles or anything that will disturb, or delay the smooth transport of people, are not allowed inside any of the elevator cars without the written consent of the Building Administrator or his duly authorized representatives. 

4.3 Extra care should be observed in order to avoid damage, scratches, etc. to the elevators. Damage to any part of the elevator must be changed to the office covered and be billed for repair.


 Security_and_Order5.1 Bomb threats received or any unusual occurrence in the building should be reported to the Building Administration and to the Security Forces. 

5.2 Deliveries of construction materials, furniture and fixtures, office equipment, office supplies, food, etc. should pass thru the back entrance down to the basement.

5.3 No property of the Condominium owners may be taken out without the corresponding GATE PASS duly signed by the authorized official of from any Condominium owners. 

5.4 Owners/tenants should furnish the Building Administration of the list of their contractors and their workers whom they have contacted to make any repairs/additions in their offices.

5.5 No Employee or visitor shall be allowed entry or exit at the back entrance, (basement ramp) except those who have cars parked in the basement.

5.6 No persons shall be allowed entry into the building during Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays unless he can show proof of authority from his superior. No entry of unauthorized persons and visitor should be allowed beyond regular office hours. 

5.7 No employee should be allowed to stay and sleep in the building during the night, except during emergencies such as typhoon, floods and other calamities.

bulk_luggage bags5.8 Visitors carrying bags and/or luggages should pass the three metal detector equipment and submit themselves to the Security Guards for inspection. 

5.9 No vendors of any kind should be allowed entry into the building without the necessary permit issued by the owners/tenants and by the Building Administration.


Fire_Safety6.1 All fire escapes/exits should be open and free of obstruction at all times. 

6.2 Electrical panels, Telephone panels, machine rooms, shall be always accessible and no obstruction of any kind shall be permitted. Electrical_Panels

6.3 All electrical and mechanical machine rooms should be provided each with one fire Extinguishers, ABC type of at least 15-20 lbs. capacity or BCF (Halon 1211) – 9 lbs. capacity. Fire_Extinguisher

6.4 Thrash can in offices should me made of sheet metal, with cover.

6.5 No cooking of any kind shall be allowed in any office, except coffee percolator, which should be provided with fire-resistant base placed away from papers, cloths or any easy-burning materials. Food warmers must be at the Cafeteria. Microwave ovens must secure permit from the Building Administration office.

No_Gas_Light6.6 No gas operated emergency light and applications are allowed.


6.7 In sounding fire alarm, an actual verification of a developing fire shall be done first to avoid creating panic.

6.8 Every office shall maintain an emergency group to assist co-employees/occupants in cases of emergencies and simulated drills.

welding_machine_works6.9 All works involving the use of welding machine and/or any acetylene outfit shall first be issued permit by the Administration. A portable fire extinguisher shall be presented


7.1                       The Building Administrator and/or his authorized representative/s are authorized to enter any office, machine room, storage room, telephone room, computer room, etc. during an emergency even when such an entry may cause damage to the premises.


8.1 Complaints or requests regarding common services and building facilities may be relayed to the Building Administration. 

8.2 Owners/tenants should have their own maintenance crew for the tending operation, maintenance and repair of their mechanical, electrical, civil and sanitary systems. Building Administration crew will only assist when it is extremely necessary.


9.1 All tenants/owners shall comply with all rules and safety regulations which may be promulgated by the Condominium Corporation, as well as with all applicable laws.

Any consent or approval given under these rules and regulations may be added to or amended or repealed at any time by resolution of the Condominium Corporation.


Prohibitions10.1 No highly inflammable or explosive materials shall be brought into, kept or stored in the building.


10.2 No materials or substance whatsoever shall be thrown or to fall from any window, door, passage or area or common use.

10.3 No antennae or any wiring for any purpose may be installed on the exterior of the building without the written consent or approval of the Condominium Corporation. 

10.4 No advertisement of any kind shall be posted in the common areas without the written consent of the Condominium Corporation. 

No_Obstruction_Plants10.5 There shall, be no obstruction, restriction or hindrance to all entrances, exits, halls, passages, stairways, fire exits, and fire escapes, vestibules, lobbies, elevators, machine rooms, sidewalks, doorways, parking spaces, or any part of common use. No part of these areas should be used as storage facility. Plant box outside the windows are strictly prohibited.

10.6 Drinking liquor or intoxicating beverages inside the building are strictly prohibited.        No_Drinking_Liquor




10.7 No animals shall not be brought into or kept in the building except K-9 dogs for security.                                           No_Animals




The Board of Directors and Officers of the Condominium Corporation shall have the right to enforce the House Rules and Regulations.


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Contact Info:

Tel: (02) 559-9119
Address: 655 Intramuros Manila, Philippines
Email: info@pdgcc.gov.ph